Talent idea
Social recruitment
Campus recruitment

  With the principle of the people: people-oriented, respect for people, caring people, training people, motivating people

"A general"

  By virtue only, to use, to training, to the letter before leaving;

"Two basis points"

  To use the power of people, but also to use the wisdom of human;


  Trust, restraint, growth. Trust is the premise, the restraint is the guarantee, the growth is the end result.

  The amount applied, performance first, fair competition, long-term incentive

The amount applied

  The amount is appropriate for people to do the right thing. We do post matching, matching the responsibility, give full scope to the talents. On this basis, we gradually improve the scientific evaluation system, which is the main content of the main content, evaluate the talents objectively and reasonably, scientifically and rationally allocate the talents, exert the greatest potential, and realize the human resource value optimization.

First performance

  Performance is a prerequisite for assessing the contribution to the enterprise, is an important measure of talent, a good talent to create wealth for the company, in the position to continue to create high performance. We advocate performance is staff salaries, promotion, transfer, training and reward for outstanding performance may be recognized and rewarded.

  We can achieve the incentive system in the long term, in order to attract and retain talented people, and to pay attention to the long-term development of the company, pay attention to the long-term development of the company, and to stimulate the creativity and initiative of employees.


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