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ongde company approved Municipal Engineering Laboratory

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Recently, the group company Longde automobile filter paper engineering laboratory, Weifang Municipal Development and Reform Commission formally approved the "Weifang municipal engineering laboratory". This marks a more strong technical support and Protection Research on Longde automobile filter paper company. Longde in recent years the company continued to increase investment in scientific research, and constantly improve the R & D facilities, adhere to the combination of Engineering Laboratory Construction and technical innovation of enterprises, combined with the adjustment of industrial structure, widely absorbs the domestic and abroad engineering laboratory construction ideas and useful experience of engineering laboratory with the leading products and key technology of independent research and development ability, have the intellectual property rights, forming the filter core technology, currently has 4 patents, 11 utility model patents.
The engineering laboratory is responsible for the important tasks of the company's scientific research projects, product research and development, technological innovation and product improvement, and is responsible for the trial production of new products. The engineering laboratory approved for Municipal Engineering Laboratory of automobile filter paper, major research projects will actively undertake national, provincial, and actively coordinate with the completion of the technical development work, play a leading role in the industry development initiative in automobile filter paper. Based on the engineering laboratory will establish a technical exchange platform for automobile filter paper industry and information resource platform, through cooperation and communication between production, learning and research of the platform to promote the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials in the development of automobile filter paper products, enhance the innovation ability of the enterprise, a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company lay, and the engineering laboratory become the leading industry in the.

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