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Swiss paper experts come to our group for guidance

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In September 19th, the Swiss paper expert BaIthasarC.MiIIer (Miller) was invited to our group for technical exchange and guidance. The chief engineer of the group general manager Wang Hongqi, deputy general manager, chief engineer Cui Zhonghua Ma Xizhi Longde company, ERON, Yuan Lin and related technical personnel to participate in the activities. Mr. Miller is a Swiss Sykes Brown papermaking technology consulting company's founder and President, in the UK, Germany, the United States and a number of multinational companies served as general manager of paper research scientists, regional market positions, with experience in specialty paper technology rich, especially for special fibers such as viscose fiber, synthetic fiber has more deep research in the field of application of filtration resins, battery manufacturing, fuel, is a famous foreign papermaking expert.
Mr. Miller Wang went to specialty paper production line of automobile filter paper production line, Longde company ERON conducted a field visit. Through on-site observation, Mr. Miller advanced equipment to Longde company production of automotive filter paper especially with slanting and penetrating cylinder technology highly appreciated and praised with the international advanced level. In ERON special paper production line, the production of products and advanced equipment has been highly evaluated.
In the technical exchange activities, the chief engineer and chief engineer Cui Zhonghua Yuan Lin were on the company's existing products in the production technology, production technology and new product development, the application of new materials and Mr. Miller made a thorough and extensive exchange of. Mr. Miller has rich experience and technology of papermaking papermaking technology information with international perspective in detail, and put forward the guiding technical advice for problems encountered in the production process of the company, put forward constructive suggestions on the development direction of the company special paper products and filter paper products. Through this exchange, said the two sides will strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation in the field of specialty paper, paper the next step, and constantly improve the innovation and development of new products, new materials, new technology, to jointly promote industrial upgrading and innovation development group to the international leading level.

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