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Zhejiang global leadership of the company to work long exchange company

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The morning of August 25th, deputy general manager of Zhejiang universal filter Co. Ye Nanhai line to the group company Longde technology study, general manager of group chairman Yin Peinong, Ma Xizhi, Cui Zhonghua and chief engineer Longde company production technology department related personnel to participate in the exchange activities.
In the symposium, President Yin first on a total line of the warm welcome and the Ronde company were introduced. Paper production line Longde company took the lead in the domestic production of the filter cylinder on the wet paper penetration through drying, greatly improves the porosity of filter paper, to ensure the uniformity of pore size, increase the amount of pollution of paper. The coating head coating using Vits, roller coating measurement high precision machining, ensure the uniformity of the glue. Since the beginning of this year, the company's monthly output has stabilized at about 500 tons. The product quality is stable, and some products have reached the performance of well-known foreign enterprises. Ye Zong introduced the global filter company, Zhejiang global filter Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is one of our earlier into the field of filter manufacturing enterprises. After nearly 20 years of development, the current global asset size has exceeded 400 million yuan, China's filter industry is the most competitive and influential private joint-stock enterprises. Successively with the China heavy truck, Weichai Power, Sany automobile, Changhe SUZUKI and other OEM fixed-point matching, the products are exported to USA, Japan, Canada, Europe and other high-end market, a strategic partnership with GM, Fiat, Denso and other world automobile and parts manufacturers. Ye always hope that we are in strict accordance with the TS16949 standard requirements, in the filter paper production, stable production process, ensure product quality, we work closely together to achieve win-win situation. At the same time, I hope to develop a number of efficient, long-life products to meet the needs of market development.
In the afternoon, accompanied by the chairman of the leaf total Yin to Longde company in the production factory conducted a field observation guide. Inspect the company Longde on-site production management, raw material reserves, production safety, product inspection, warehousing and other products, the company Longde expressed high appreciation and affirmation, and said the two sides will further deepen cooperation and common development.

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