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Weifang CPPCC leaders to group research

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In August 15th, a research team headed by Li Jingbo, a member of the Weifang Municipal Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), came to investigate the development of the enterprise. The Deputy Secretary of the county CPPCC Chairman Zhao Yongjuan, Tian Yuanjun, Liu Xuehai, vice chairman of CPPCC county Party members Deng Shihua, Chengguan Street Party committee secretary Bai Wenyu accompanied the inspection survey, general manager of group finance director Wang Hongqi, Ma Xizhi and other leaders accompanied by research Longde company activities.
The research group for the group, first came to the production line of automobile filter paper group company Longde view of the field, and a detailed understanding of the company production management, filter paper products, function and market prospect etc.. The director Wang Hongqi gave a detailed account of the issues the leaders were concerned about and reported to the leaders on the company's development this year. Municipal CPPCC leadership and his research group, in the study of automobile filter paper production site and listened to reports on the situation after the development of the company, the group in recent years vigorously implement structural adjustment, transformation and development strategy, realize the transition from traditional culture to the industrial upgrading of high-end paper paper gave high evaluation, the paper advanced production technology and equipment fully affirmed and highly appreciated to reach the international advanced level and can replace the imported automobile filter paper products. I hope in the future work, we must continue to strengthen the internal management of enterprises, carry out technological innovation, continue to optimize the product structure, the automobile filter paper project as the starting point, aiming at the international forefront of automobile filter paper, mastering of advanced manufacturing technology, technology leading, innovation driven as the core strategy of enterprise development, improve the cooperation, and strive to enterprises make known in the country's high-end brand automobile filter paper.

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