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The United States and Anhui Real Company leading to business exchanges Longde

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In June 5th, Anhui meiruier filter Co. Ltd. chairman Chen Xiaoqian and his party of 3 people to exchange business group company longde. Visit, accompanied by Cui Zhonghua and company personnel technical quality department chief engineer Longde company Ma Xizhi, deputy general manager of the company. Chairman Chen Xiaoqian accompanied by a line in the house under the leadership of Longde, first to the automobile filter paper production line, Longde made on-the-spot investigation. In the subsequent meeting, Ma Xizhi, deputy general manager of the company production line new Longde automobile filter paper production equipment superiority, in the domestic production line of filter paper base paper drying pioneered the use of technology and equipment, ensure the filter porosity, improve the amount of dust filter paper. Coating machine with the introduction of international advanced level of German Horowitz coating equipment, this equipment has the advantages of high precision, good permeability, uniform feeding, and greatly improves the uniformity of the filter paper glue, is unable to achieve the domestic coating equipment. Through visits and exchanges, a line of chairman Chen Longde automobile filter paper company has the equipment and product quality inspection and testing system of international advanced, gave a high evaluation and appreciation. Chairman Chen introduced, the United States of America filter Co., Ltd. is a professional for international and domestic vehicle filter supporting production enterprises, products renowned at home and abroad market. With the continuous improvement of the national emission standards, the company is now in the stage of product upgrading, ready to switch the non cured paper into high-grade filter paper, in order to enhance the quality of the company's filter products. Through this exchange, the two sides reached a cooperative intent, with their respective technological advantages and good market reputation, to achieve strong alliances and common development.

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