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Guangzhou Huachuang company leader Longde business communication company

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In May 23rd, Guangzhou Huachang Chemical Materials Technical Developing Company general manager Xia Huaiting, Dr. Yao Yunzhen, engineer Liu Wenqiang for a three people to the company consultations on Longde in-depth cooperation in future. Related personnel, general manager of the company chairman Yin Peinong, Ma Xizhi, Cui Zhonghua, chief engineer of Longde and production and technology departments participated in technical exchanges. General manager Ma Xizhi introduced the company's production line filter Longde advanced equipment, paper production line the first domestic penetration cylinder drying, ensure the filter gap rate, increase the amount of dust filter paper. Vits coater coating machine, it has the advantages of high precision, good permeability, uniform feeding, is unable to achieve the domestic coating equipment. Guangzhou Huachuang chemical materials science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. is a strong high-tech enterprises, the State Key Laboratory of pulp and paper engineering South China University of Technology based, has a professor, Dr. based research team, with world-class scientific research equipment, research and innovation of long period focused on special filter materials. In view of coating production equipment is CRE water-based coating, there are some limitations in terms of production of oil filter paper. In order to make the research into high-tech products, the company is ready to work closely with the road company, make full use of both advantages, to achieve the common objective of win-win. Chairman Yin Peinong with a representative on cooperation in-depth talks. It lays the foundation for the next strong alliance.

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