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Longde companies participate in the 2017 Guangzhou international automotive filter technology and products exhibition

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he 2017 Guangzhou international car on April 14, 2017 -16 by Chinese Automobile Industry Association of automotive filter board, China filter branch internal combustion engine industry association and Guangzhou City Buster Exhibition Co. Ltd. jointly organized by filter technology and products exhibition in Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo held grandly, plain filter, Guangxi Huayuan, Zhejiang three, Guangzhou Leili filter etc. the industry well-known exhibitors, exhibition and Jiufu famous fair over the same period, with the Canton Fair for overseas professional buyers to offer accurate, to the maximum extent of exhibitors to bring the actual publicity, promotion, display effect. Longde company attaches great importance to the exhibition, chairman Yin Peinong personally participate in the team, deputy general manager Qi Suogui, chief engineer Cui Zhonghua, the sales company and relevant personnel to attend the Ministry of international trade, in order to open the exhibition, President Yin special organization participants called to carry out preparation before, during the exhibition of the work carried out detailed plans and arrangements. During the exhibition, we according to the division of labor, make full use of various platforms provided by the exhibition, take the initiative to work, are actively docking and exchange with domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors, the filter manufacturer, and the same industry had a friendly exchange and discussion, to participate in the organization of the technical forum will be two peak. By participating in the exhibition, and actively promote the company's corporate image and business philosophy, to further improve the company and the "dragon Lijie Longde" product market visibility, the car China accurate pulse filter industry the future direction of development and application, for the future of the company long production and operation of health, stability and sustainable development laid solid foundation

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