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Zhejiang Ruian filter King Auto parts company leadership to group inspection exchanges

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In March 12th, Zhejiang province Ruian City filter King Auto Parts Limited company chairman Chen Xuxue with Zhejiang Ruian Guangzhong Choi three people come to my company to communicate on road. Longde company deputy general manager Ma Xizhi, deputy general manager Qi Suogui, Peng Changli, the company production department, technical quality department officials to accompany exchange activities.
Chairman Chen line with manager Ma down to automobile filter paper production line Longde company, conducted field visits, accompanied by the inspection process manager Ma briefed the guests on the inclined wire forming and drying the most advanced imported through technology, with international leading German VITS coating machine, Germany WK regenerative thermal oxidation quality inspection system, constant temperature and humidity in the laboratory and products the most advanced testing equipment, our company has developed a variety of products. Subsequently, the business exchanges were discussed. Through on-site inspection and business exchanges, Chen's board of directors of the company has international advanced manufacturing equipment and product quality inspection and testing system, given a high degree of evaluation and appreciation. President Chen said that the king filter auto parts Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2010, the company won the February 2017 ten national quality credit AAA level enterprise products, renowned domestic and foreign markets, is a great potential for the development of the company. Through the inspection activities, the two sides reached a cooperative intention, with their respective advantages and good operation of enterprises, to achieve strong alliances, common development, common improvement, win-win cooperation.

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