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Longde company to participate in the twelfth Shanghai International Auto Show

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From November 30th to December 3rd, by the Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Chinese automobile industry international cooperation Co. Ltd. jointly organized the twelfth session of Shanghai International Automobile spare parts, equipment maintenance and service products exhibition (referred to as the Shanghai auto show) was held at the Shanghai National Convention Center. The overall size of the exhibition of 312 thousand square meters, a total of 13 exhibition halls, 5756 exhibitors from 140 countries and regions, 130 thousand visitors come to the exhibition, professional audience reached 130, the data than the last has increased greatly. The Shanghai Auto Show Not only is all parts related upstream and downstream enterprises procurement and trade service platform, the domestic and foreign experts and scholars, business people and related practitioners bridge of communication and exchange of information, the Shanghai auto show the status of the industry access to many entrepreneurs, highly recognized industry veteran, has become an international industry service platform is the most important. In this exhibition, the company attaches great importance to it, it started planning and preparatory work from the first half of the year. The exhibition was founded by Chairman Yin Peinong as the group leader, deputy general manager Qi Suogui, chief financial officer Wang Hongqi, chief engineer Cui Zhonghua as deputy head of the Department of international trade group, Longde Co. Market participants, group related personnel sales company of the members to attend the exhibition. During the exhibition, held in the new and old customers forum to promote docking exchanges of large customers, to visit customer reception and sales of public relations, a comprehensive understanding of the industry and related industry development trend, various forums and actively participate in the conference the organizers of the organization, through the concerted efforts of the participants, and old customers to further consolidate and expand the business, and the leopard king, Mann Hu, global filter and a number of industry key enterprises and part of new customers to reach a broad consensus and cooperation agreement. "Longde filter, green world" development of the concept of environmental protection Get full recognition of the old and new customers, "Lijie dragon" brand series of paper market awareness has increased substantially, it will vigorously promote the production and management company Longde industrial filter work to a new level, to achieve a new leap forward!

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