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Hand in hand to create the new brilliance of Marriott group- group party secretary, chairman Yin Peinong speech

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Law gradually back Chunhui, Vientiane before updating. With the arrival of 2017 sunshine, we bid farewell to the extraordinary 2016, ushered in a hopeful, ahead of the 2017. In this happy occasion, on behalf of the Party group, the board of directors to support a year, concerned about the development of the group of Party committees at all levels, express my sincere thanks to the government leaders and friends from all walks of life! To hard work, courage and dedication of all the staff and their families to express my sincere greetings and holiday greetings! Wish you a happy new year, good luck in everything!

In the past 2016 is an extraordinary year, is the Marriott group to realize the steady development of a major leap years. In this year, in the face of domestic and international economic situation continued downward and industry overcapacity dual impact of the market downturn, our Marriott group and all the staff to strengthen confidence, solidarity, hard. Solid work, production and development of the coordinated development, creating a group of sustained, steady, good situation of scientific development, and achieved encouraging results. One is the ERON company in the paper industry has undergone major changes in the situation, not afraid of difficulties and challenges, firmly grasp the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, Innovation The exhibition of the policy objectives, adhere to market-oriented, increasing investment in science and technology, and actively develop new products, change the single structure of the company culture paper, make the company successful transformation and upgrading of the domestic backbone enterprises specializing in the production of high-end specialty paper. To achieve the company's strategic objectives through the adjustment of product structure, change the mode of development. The two is long the company production of high-grade industrial filter project, after a year of operation, the development has a larger scale, the technology has become skilled, management level. A period of automobile filter paper production line has developed four series of more than and 100 varieties at home and abroad, has more than and 50 large and medium-sized enterprises to establish a stable filter cooperation Department of development of the company's new flame retardant filter paper, after the Swiss SGS testing organizations, reached the German S4 flame retardant grade, with the international advanced level, many large foreign companies have been with the company to carry out cleaner Longde docking and exchange. With the international first-class production equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, excellent product quality and excellent customer service service, has won wide recognition in the market, and is China internal combustion engine industry association filter branch and China Auto Industry Association Committee member filter unit, at the same time, the provincial science and Technology Department was awarded the "high-tech enterprises in Shandong province" title, comprehensive strength and core competition of the company The force has been greatly improved. These achievements, the condensation of the sweat of all employees, the group is consistent efforts to work together, the results

In 2017, the history of the development of the Marriott group on the key, we must recognize the challenges facing the global economic downturn: pressure still continues, papermaking industry overcapacity led to a brutal market disorderly situation is not eliminated, raw material prices resulting in product costs increased pressure continues on the other hand; also see opportunities in the development of severe external environment for papermaking industry creative vitality, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, and competitive enterprises will have more room for development. Therefore, we must firmly grasp the "insight into the market, grasp the main points of the node, Lianhaoneigong," Kennedy Adhere to the market oriented, with development as the main line, in order to improve economic efficiency as the center, vigorously carry out technological innovation, increase new product development efforts, strengthen product quality management, and further optimize the product process to reduce production cost, improve the core competitiveness of the group, the group always stay healthy, good, steady, sustained momentum of development.

The new year opens the new hope, new start bearing new dream. Looking forward to the new year, the group is the production and operation of the work and development of the pursuit of high standards, to a new level. I firmly believe that as long as we all cadres and employees, unite with one heart and one mind, and seek common development, mutual for collaboration, do solid work, we will be able to realize the new leap Group, a group of new glory.

I wish you in the new year health! Happy family work smoothly! Good luck in everything!

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