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Group to participate in the National Paper Exhibition

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           On November 9th -11, sponsored by the association of the 2016 China China paper international paper and equipment exhibition and the national paper trading orders will be held in Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is a professional exhibition currently the largest and most authoritative in the industry, has a wide influence, enhance the visibility of the industry is papermaking enterprises, establish trade partners, expand the best platform for business channels. The group has always attached great importance to the national paper will be sent to the ERON company, deputy general manager Liu Qiang to the team leader to attend the meeting exhibition. Participants make full use of the show to provide the platform and communication channels, the warm reception of new and old customers, positive publicity Development of the concept of transfer group, and vigorously promote the group company's products, pay close attention to the dynamic development of same industry, in-depth understanding of the development trend of the industry, extensive collection of valuable information and data. The group exhibited high attention by professional audience and buyers, they told me the Group actively adjust product structure, to the different development mode highly expressed of docking exchanges with our company, to strengthen business cooperation. By participating in the exhibition, we are deeply aware of: the survival of the fittest is the same rule, the paper industry, we always only to establish a sense of crisis, from the overall situation, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of the group And one mind, together, we can make our company in an invincible position.

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