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Group to participate in the annual meeting of China filter industry in 2016

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           With China filter Commission Automobile Industry Association sponsored car, Chinese internal combustion engine industry association filter branch "2016 cleaner industry annual meeting in November 19 to 22 held in Hebei. Qinghe County Automobile Industry Association Deputy Secretary General China Shi Jianhua, executive vice president of China engine industry association and the Secretary General Xing Min, chairman of the Commission Zhang Qingdong filter used. Chinese Automobile Industry Association, with the Secretary of the Committee China Automobile Industry Association looks cleaner car leap, Qinghe County leaders attended the meeting, representatives from the member institutions, scientific research institutions, experts and professors of Qinghe County University Association Filter Unit representatives, more than 200 people attended the meeting, the meeting by the China Automobile Industry Association, the chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the vehicle filter.

           Chairman Yin Peinong led the Ronde company deputy general manager Ma Xizhi, chief engineer Cui Zhonghua and other related personnel to participate in the meeting. The meeting listened to the leaders of the association analysis, Chinese auto parts development planning ideas, market forecast, work direction of systematic reports and scientific research institutions universities by experts and professors of seminars and technical exchange filters the new standard of dynamic and technology development for the car. The company provides high-end materials as long as a close partner of the filter industry, by participating in the conference, the industrial filter production operations to further clarify the direction of development, to further understand the development of cleaner technology The development of related technologies and standards, for the company to shoulder the major responsibility Longde international China filter has laid a solid foundation. Through this platform, the company and the country Longde enterprises to carry out cleaner and establish a good relationship of cooperation, to build a bridge of friendship interoperability, Longde company production of "dragon Lijie" brand high-end automobile filter paper will greatly promote vigorous development of cleaner industry.

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