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County leaders to participate in the group's Guangdong users to investigate and exchange

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     In September 28th, the financial secretary of Linqu county Party committee, county government, county deputy magistrate Yi Limin Tan Maocun, investment director Li Ping, industrial and Commercial Bank of Linqu governor Wang Yuguo to visit Foshan thematic docking activities Guangdong industrial filter industry leaders accompanied by group chairman Yin Peinong, to Guangzhou Baotai auto industry group company Qingyuan factory, Nanhai District of Foshan City Golden Sea Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Foshan new energy automobile city  group and other units to inspect exchanges thematic docking work.
     During the inspection, thematic units of the leadership of the docking unit to the leadership of the county leaders and the line of staff, and conducted a cordial and friendly business exchanges forum. At the meeting, Yi County Limin introduced Linqu County Comprehensive Economic and social development situation, understand the cooperation between the Marriott group and Guangdong Foshan City auto parts enterprises, and invite and welcome Foshan entrepreneurs to visit Linqu, to the development of Linqu. Group Chairman Yin Peinong introduces current research and development of industrial filter and special industrial paper and other new products at the forum, expressed the prospects for cooperation with the business unit. The business units of the leadership of the leadership of Linqu county government to promote economic construction, focusing on industrial projects and support enterprise development policies are very much appreciated and highly, the Marriott group "quality first, reputation first, no risk for customers" business philosophy and high-quality products fully affirmed and said, the next step to strengthen business cooperation with the Marriott group.
     Through this visit to Guangdong to observe and study activities, increase the Marriott group and the communication between the users of enterprises, to further deepen the friendship between the two sides, for the long-term cooperation between the two sides laid a solid platform.

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