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The company to participate in the exchange of China Longde filter test technology

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      From October 20th to 21, China Automobile Industry Association of automotive filter board, Chinese filter branch, internal combustion engine industry association national engine Standardization Technical Committee organized the 2016 cleaner product testing technology exchange conference "held in Henan Xinxiang. Ma Xizhi, deputy general manager of Longde chief engineer Cui Zhonghua attended the conference. Cui Zhonghua chief engineer at the meeting made a "technical parameters and selection of engine oil, fuel filter paper" Research Report, by the high evaluation of the participating experts. During the meeting, Ma Xizhi, deputy general manager, chief engineer Cui Zhonghua and the participants of the filter manufacturers carried out technical exchanges, the promotion of new products, new technology, new technology, research and development of automotive filter paper, and achieved good results.

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