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South China media group leader to visit my group

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    October 20th, the South China media group, a group of research group made a special trip to come to our company to work for ERON. Group Chairman Yin Peinong, deputy general manager of ERON company Wu Shaohe, deputy party secretary Gao Lingdong, accompanied by activities.
    In the process of investigation, the group leader and the inspection team leader conducted the exchange discussion. Yin, chairman of the first inspection team leader and the arrival of the year for the support of the Marriott group welcomed and thanked. And introduces the development process of the group in recent years and the current operating situation to the study group, I review group and South Media Group for many years no matter how the market changes, both sides gave great support, has maintained a good business relationship. Yin said the chairman of the board, the next step we will make unremitting efforts to actively increase the scientific and technological innovation and new product development efforts, the Marriott group has a variety of advantages, regardless of batch size, always abide by the credibility, and constantly improve the level of service, to further deepen business cooperation with South Africa media group, together to expand the market, seek common development. Inspection team leader to introduce the purpose of the group and the relevant business cooperation research topics, and fully affirmed the friendship and cooperation between the two sides.
      Study group at the chairman Yin accompanied successively to the ERON company coated paper production line, Longde industrial filter production line for the company to watch the scene. Through the discussion and field observation, the results of the development of the study group and the group maintained a good momentum of production and business operation praised, advanced production equipment and workshop on everything in good order and well arranged group introduced the features of production gave a high evaluation, and said that the next step will as always work together, and to establish strategic partnership. The two sides also discussed the future development trends and market prospects of the current paper printing industry, and formed a consensus on the development of strategic cooperation between the two sides, and reached a cooperation agreement.

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