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Group to participate in the 2016 national special paper technical exchangeThe eleventh annual meeting of the special paper Committee

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     On 22-23 September 2016, the ten anniversary of the establishment of the Special Committee on the occasion of the paper, sponsored by the Institute of China paper special paper Specialized Committee "2016 national specialty paper technology seminar and special paper of the eleventh annual conference ended successfully in Anhui Chizhou.
     The meeting brought together experts from home and abroad special paper and related industries on behalf of nearly 200 people, is the special paper market and development trend, new materials, new technology, new nano fiber papermaking equipment for the exchange and discussion, let everyone understand the domestic and foreign advanced technology and development trend, to provide directional guidance for the domestic specialty paper in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, technological innovation, product development, quality improvement.
     An important part of this meeting is summed up in recognition of outstanding achievements, special paper Committee was established ten years of advanced units and the first mold character, the awards were: the development of Chinese specialty paper industry contribution award, award prizes. Group ERON company deputy general manager Wu Shaohe, technical development center director Li Xuebing participated in this technical exchange, the ERON company to declare an academic paper is this year will be included in the collection of papers.

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