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Longde in Qilu successfully listed equity trading center

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  The morning of October 14th, Qilu equity trading center in Linqu Jincheng Le Grand Large Hotel in Linqu County for enterprises listed on the grand ceremony held. Marriott Paper Group's Shandong Longde composite Polytron Technologies Inc in the ceremony to open (referred to as: Longde technology, stock code 300239), marking the company achieved in Qilu Longde successfully listed equity trading center, and to the capital market has taken a substantial leap step. Long Linqu County standing committee, deputy county Limin presided over the ceremony and made a speech, director of the Linqu county Party Secretary, county people's Congress Gu Jianhua attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, deputy secretary of the Linqu county magistrate Liu Yubin, county departments and township government, district offices, the CMC leadership and the leadership of the above scale enterprises attended the listing ceremony, Qilu equity trading center chairman Shao Chengkui on behalf of the Stock Exchange Center said congratulations, Shandong Longde composite Mstar Technology Ltd chairman Yin Peinong delivered a report on the listing ceremony.

  Shandong Longde composite Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 2012, is located in Linqu Economic Development Zone, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, covering an area of 260 acres, is a collection of scientific research, development, production in industrial filter series products as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company's new industrial filter project total investment of 600 million yuan, with an annual output of 8000 tons of high-grade automotive filter paper production line, with the introduction of international advanced level of German VITS manufacturing equipment and production technology, production base supporting the inclined wire forming and drying of the most advanced penetration technology, products at the same time, equipped with 2000 mm wide, the detection equipment and the current international filter industry generally agree that the air permeability tester, Kong Jingyi advanced the establishment of raw materials and finished products testing of advanced analysis laboratory with constant temperature and humidity, provide a reliable guarantee to ensure the quality of products. Under the unremitting efforts of all staff, at present, the company has R & D and innovation in the production of more than 30 series of more than 4 varieties of high-grade automotive filter paper products, product quality reached the international advanced level, after customers and market applications, can replace imported products. Company's auto filter paper production line has been to the normal and stable production and operation, the market share continues to increase, has been more than 40 large and medium-sized filter manufacturers to establish a solid business relationship. With the company's products well-known automobile filter paper in the market is rising, China Machinery Industry Association Branch of the leadership of the company are attracted to cleaner production operations on-site inspection to observe the automobile filter paper, through on-site viewing and exchange, on the company's production of automobile filter paper project will provide a highly appreciated and approved by the company to join the association filter. Weifang city science and Technology Bureau approved the company for the Weifang City Automotive filter paper engineering technology research center".

  Company as a domestic automobile filter paper production of large enterprises, the Qilu equity trading center listed on the success of the company, the company's financing capacity will be significantly enhanced, for the company to open up the market, to seize the opportunity for the industry to develop new advantages, but also brings new space and opportunities. With the rapid development of China's auto industry, the domestic automobile retains the amount of 10% per year, the growth of car ownership has increased, so the requirements of automobile exhaust emissions are higher and higher. At present, the domestic high-end automotive filter paper mainly rely on imports, some of the car filter paper production enterprises have to look at the Chinese market, so the situation and market demand we must accelerate the development and production of automotive filter paper, and increase new product development efforts to market demand oriented, and actively develop high-end development. To this end, the company through the equity trading center, the use of this financing platform to open the road to docking capital markets, with the rapid development of regional capital markets.

  The success of the company in Qilu equity trading center listed, will mark the company became a member of the platform, into a multi-level capital market, on the one hand, will greatly enhance the company's visibility and influence, to provide solid support and guarantee for the company to use the regional capital market direct financing, to help enterprises solve the shortage of funds facing development the key problems and contradictions, leveraging the development of implementation. On the other hand can further promote the company to establish a more standardized operation and management mechanism, improve the corporate governance structure and broaden the financing channels, and constantly improve the quality of operation, promote the company to fast track the development of more open and transparent, Long De will become the main technology to create production and supply base of high quality filter with international and domestic automobile industry. (Marriott)

Longde listing ceremony speech

Leveraging the capital market to build a leading brand of China filter

Yin Peinong, chairman of the company, to speak at the opening ceremony.

Distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, we are all good!

  In this the golden season, we gathered here at Linqu County companies listed in the equity trading center Qilu ceremony. I represent Longde technology staff to express a warm welcome to all the leaders and guests arrived at the scene! Sincerely grateful for long-term care and support the development of science and technology Longde County Party committee and government leaders at all levels, business leaders and the community Tongren, Qilu equity trading center and the intermediary listing staff.

  Marriott is Longde science and Technology Paper Group in order to better play in the development of papermaking industry advantages, realize the transfer mode, adjust the structure, upgrade and construction of high-tech, new composite materials production enterprises, Longde technology and put into operation, marking the Marriott group by a single culture paper with leap to the industrial transformation of special paper. "Quality first, reputation first, customer risk is reduced to zero and the construction of specialty paper industry leading technology, advanced management, customer satisfaction of the modern enterprise, is a long-term Longde science and technology business philosophy and operating principles. Through three years of unremitting efforts, we have successfully introduced the manufacturing system with the international advanced level of technology and quality, established a complete detection system, the most advanced for constant temperature and humidity in the laboratory and industry, initially built an annual output of 8000 tons of automobile industrial high-tech production enterprises. Longde technology has research and innovation to produce high-grade automotive filter paper with international standards and can completely replace the imported products of the 4 series of more than 30 varieties, has made rapid filter Market affirmation and recognition, the company production capacity will be achieved a major breakthrough in 2016, become a new economic growth point of the Marriott group.

  Longde technology currently is still at the primary stage, which is the company's production and operation of the initial stage, large capital requirements, the urgent need to develop the market. This requires us to pay close attention to internal management, in the development, production and sales process to gradually form a sound management system and incentive system, so that the company's products in a short time will be able to stabilize the quality into the filter market. On the other hand, we also actively draw on the successful experience of other enterprises, through multi-channel propaganda company, show the company's comprehensive competitiveness, to attract more talent to seek common development. Rely on the capital market to further standardize the company's management, through multi-channel financing and to attract more investors to further expand the company's further.

  Wide sea diving, sky. Today, Longde technology entered the capital market, this is an opportunity, it is a new challenge. I believe Longde technology and have the ability to use Qilu shares into the center of the capital market, ride the wind and waves create new glory specialty paper industry, to make new contribution to the economic development of Linqu county.

  Finally, I wish all the Linqu enterprises listed in the Qilu Stock Exchange Center for prosperity, thriving! Wish Qilu equity trading center more development and growth, to provide more quality services for small and medium enterprises. Wish to visit the listing ceremony of the leadership of all the leaders, entrepreneurs, guests, health, good luck.

                                                                                     Thank you.

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